Dog walking

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like we do. Plenty of exercise on a daily basis will energise their body and mind. If you cannot walk them on a daily basis, then contact us and we will walk your dog for you. We walk a maximum of 4 dogs at any one time. On most walks we will be accompanied by our Border Collie, who is very friendly and loves playing with other dogs. Our dog walkers are fully insured and are very experienced. Don’t worry if your dog is unsure of other dogs as we will introduce them slowly to the other dogs.

Home visits

This is a great service for all pet owners to use if you are going out of town for a day or going on holiday. We will visit your home as many times a day as you wish (keeping your pets’ routine as normal as possible). We recommend dogs and cats get at least 2 visits per day; other pets like birds, fish and small animals may need only one visit. If you have more than one pet, we will look after them all at NO extra cost. This is because you pay for this service “per visit” and not “per pet”. During a home visit we can also open/close curtains; water plants and put your rubbish bin out. We can also clean out rabbit hutches and chicken coops during a home visit.

Pet taxi

We will drive your pet to and from their vet for any appointment and owners are welcome to come too.

Updated 15DEC2023